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Introduction to CRM - Customer Relationship Management Systems | Class

Written by This is an introductory class covering various elements of a customer relationship management system. The class agenda is below:

Introduction to Customer Relationship Management Systems|Class

Part 1: What is CRM

A) Business is about People and Relationships
B) Your customers come with an Acquisition Cost and have a Lifetime Value
C) CRM was developed to nurture Relationships
D) CRM is your companies front office (sales, marketing, customer service)

Part 2: Why You Need CRM

A) Business without CRM
B) loose valuable data when a sales person quits (one uses outlook, another excel, another evernote, and so on)
C) Business lose when data isn’t centralized
D) Businesses lose when they fail to spot trends
E) Businesses lose when they don’t offer key people a 360 degree view of their customers/vendors
F) Business lose when they can’t forecast CAC or LTV
G) Business Lose when customers defect to a competitor

Part 3: What CRM Offers You

A) CRM systems are modular Accounts, Contacts,Leads,Opprtunities,Sales,Quotes,Invocies,Activvities,Vendors,Help Desk,
B) CRM systems can contain knowledge bases and make distributing collateral easier
C) CRM systems organize and relate customer and vendor information
D) CRM systems may integrate with Office 365, Google Apps
E) CRM systems may offer Automation (Drip email, birthday greetings, reports and more)
F) CRM Offer workflows such as lead distribution, follow up, activities,
G) CRM offer Analytics , Sales Funnel, Sales forecasting, campaign costs and more
H) CRM systems can integrate with your website, provide autoresponders
I) CRM systems can deduplicate data
J) CRM systems can follow customers on social media
K) CRM systems can manage marketing campaigns and dollars
L) CRM systems can incorporate different marketing tracks
M) CRM systems can integrate with Accounting, project management, office applications

Part 4 How CRM is Obtained

A) CRM systems available on premise and hosted
B) Pricing as low as 0.00 to 90 or more per user
C) Maybe priced based on different versions
D) Might have pricing based on storage
E) Might have pricing based on plugins and add-ons
Part 5 Popular CRM Systems
Sugar CRM, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce,GoldMine, Zoho CRM,Insightly,SalesLogix,NetSuite,Work ETC,Nimble

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