Case Study

Lyft Miami

The Objective


Lyft Miami


February - March 2019

Services Provided
Recruit Canvassers
Co-Training Canvassers
Prepare Canvassing Software
Prepare Routes & Schedule
Track Canvassers Movements
Report Progress To Lyft Team

The Challenge

Lyft targets potential drivers in Miami through their digital marketing campaign, but they recognized the need to canvass their community door to door and present their amazing opportunities and bonuses to new potential drivers. 

The Solution

The Global Presence Marketing Team (GP) has over ten years of experience in grassroots marketing engagement, as well as digital communications. Specifically, one of our members has focused on grassroots canvassing for that last three years with one of the nation's premier political canvassing apparatus.

To gauge market interest, generate leads, and predict ROI for a similar large-scale campaign, GPM launched a pilot program with Lyft Miami focused on targeting a minimum of 10,000 units in the Westchester/West Miami area in 12 days.

GPM built a team of contracted, bi-lingual canvassers who are qualified and trained for:

1. Effective messaging on behalf of Lyft
2. Proper use of canvassing platform of GP's choosing
3. Engaging residents at the door to elicit a maximum response (estimated 20% take rate=2K Doors) with the objective of generating leads and driving interested parties to Lyft Kiosk at Mall of the Americas (If residents are not home they will leave door hangers.)

This team consisted of a team leader and four to six canvassers. The team
contacted a minimum of 10,000 households within two weeks.

We utilized a territory management app monitoring their movements, and the team leaders were responsible for data integrity by visually tracking the team in the field. 

The Benefit

At the end of the project, we were able to secure 139 leads for Lyft Miami.

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