EHR/EMR Integrations With Websites & Phone/Tablet Apps

Athenahealth Website & Phone/Tablet Integration

Manual EHR entry of results from the paper is a time-consuming and challenging process taking numerous mouse clicks and keystrokes, adding high cost and risk of errors. Global Presence Health optimizes workflow efficiency – no clicks, no typing, no-hassle – enormously improving labor productivity and quality of care, with human error, eliminated, and results instantly available in your Athenahealth system.

Global Presence Health can integrate essential features for your staff and patients into your website and phone/tablet app to increase patient satisfaction, revenues, and staff productivity.

The following are some capabilities with the Athenhealth system and our customized website extensions.

Athenahealth API Integration and Extension Capabilities:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Appointments Booking
  3. Bill Payment
  4. Clinic Check-In
  5. Single Sign with Website/Phone App with AthenaHealth
  6. Map & Directions with Geolocation/GPS
  7. Chat Room & Messenger App Like WhatsApp
  8. Mobile Push Notifications
  9. Web Push Notifications
  10. SMS Notifications/Campaign
  11. Email Notifications/Campaigns