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These days, podcasting is having its share of fame. The bandwagon includes company owners, trainers, advertisers, influencers, to name a few. And why so? In addition to being a theme these days, everybody knows that you can hit a broader audience. You can do with podcasting what blogging alone can not capture in San Bernardino, California.

Know Your Niche and Avatar.

Before you launch your podcast, be very explicit. Assuming you've got a sewing business, and you want to start talking about sewing. That will mean that people interested in sewing or people who are curious about sewing methods would be your audience. These are the individuals you are trying to approach. They are more likely to listen to you. And the arts and crafts stuff will probably fall into your niche.

Know where your listeners are hanging out.

Since you need to know where to speak to your audience, this is important. Locate them regardless of the social media site.

Know what your audience is going to tell you and how to meet them.

You will need to market it once you release your podcast. Share information about your podcast. That's where you can meet your clients, your customers, your listeners, and get them to join your list of emails. Send it out if you already have an email list. Speak and get them interested in your audience.

Have a CTA (Call To Action)

You should have a Call to Action on that email list to ask individuals to subscribe to either iTunes, Google, Stitcher, or any channel. The more people who have listened to your podcast, the higher your rating, ratings, etc.

Get On All Platforms of Social Media

Send your podcast to those networks where your avatar is hanging out. By showing the transcript of the episode, those individuals repurpose their podcast. If people don't want to listen to it, they can read it from the entire conversation's transcript. Some podcasters opt-out of the episode to have a blog post, which is what I recommend.

Ensure that the blog post is short, snappy, intelligent, and has all the relevant details. Your choice of transcription or blog post depends on your target audience. If they want the complete transcript to be read, do it. Alternatively, have a blogpost.

Share Your Episode Too With Your Audience Guest.

For your guest, make it clear that you want them to share your episode with their viewers and their social media pages as well. Your guest's audience will vary from yours, which is why it is essential that you promote your podcast to them as well. Share the connections, works of art, audio clips, and all the related information for that episode.

Don't Get Desperate Until You Get Instant Results.

When they do not get immediate popularity, lots of podcasters quit. It might take years or months for you to get a thousand downloads. It can be demanding but feasible. You've just got to work hard. The most popular podcasts I've been listening to, and they know whom they're talking about.

They know what they do, and they know that they are being listened to by you. They've got to say and show their viewers something, and they want to share it.

Good Podcasters are consistent with their post.

They are consistent in coming out if the episode comes out on the same day and time in San Bernardino, California.

All you need to have to upload your podcast is laid out here. The next question is when are you going to do it? Ok, now's the right time to do it.


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