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The death claims in the press release were vastly inflated. An efficient way to relay information to the press, and eventually the public, maybe a press release. But it takes something extraordinary to make it visible.

To ensure your job will stand out from the crowd in Carlsbad, California, here are five press release tips.

#1: Make sure you have a newsworthy story

Before starting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would anyone care about this announcement outside of my organization?
  • Is this story important to my target audience and interesting?

If you answered these questions with a truthful 'yes,' then read these tips in the press release. If not, place on the shelf your press release until you have to report something genuinely worthwhile. No one wants to lose reputation to the media because they have submitted so many press releases containing nothing newsworthy.

#2: Begin with an outline

Every day, journalists get hundreds of emails and press releases. While you could find a 1000-word summary of the new login page of something interesting, it's doubtful that any journalist would. A press release's optimal length is approximately 400 words, just three or four short paragraphs, and a few quotes. So, begin with an outline of the story in 3-4 parts and then compose one or two sentences for each. And recall your friendly bullet points - they make it easier to skim your account and make key points stand out.

For instance: Your press release about a new client (website, product, customer)

What your client is doing that will change the world (not just for you) - Here's where you want to clarify the advantages of the latest product or service of your client and provide some examples of how it enhances others' lives, generates revenue or some other positive benefits it brings.

Either inside the organization or someone who has benefited from their service or product, providing a reputable source quote is one of the best things about your potential client. This will reinforce what they do and give readers more confidence in their offerings.

The second best thing about your new client is that your customer must be a pioneer in their field for more than one reason. Include any other achievements that may be newsworthy, like honors won or critical staff.

Where they can see pictures of your new customer's product offering or service, social media is a great place to view your customer's offering, especially if there is a visual component. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, a great product can be highlighted with a correctly formatted image. There is always a way, even though it is a service to create a visual effect. 

#3: To improve your main argument, use quotations

Remember, a reporter can end up using the quote word for word, so make sure it includes the primary message of your release. It should also read like a real individual and ideally sound like something you are quoting says. Don't use words or technical language with a buzz. When you name anyone in your business, make sure that if you get any pickup, it knows their content and can respond to any media inquiries.

#4: Identify who is most likely to pick up the story

The media environment is shifting rapidly, making it impossible to keep up with who works (or writes) where. While you can build your own media contact list, it's almost impossible to manage the inventory and keep up with all the media moves. That's why it is worth its weight in gold to have a trustworthy media communication database regularly checked and updated. A few organizations have journalists, analysts, and contact databases that you can search for. But make sure that the database contains the regional, global, or industry publications you care about before selecting one and find out how to ensure that their information is up-to-date.

#5: Moving outside the wire

Please do not mark a day after your release is sent out over the wire. Reach out and give a quick message about your release to a few of the reporters or influencers you have mentioned above. Paste your release under a brief executive summary into the original email. This makes it easier for journalists to understand what the story is about quickly. Add photos or video links to provide more context, but don't send attachments. Such large files can block inboxes that don't win friends or get caught in spam filters.

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