The 10 Best Google Docs Features That’ll Change The Way You Write

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The 10 Best Google Docs Features That’ll Change The Way You Write The 10 Best Google Docs Features That’ll Change The Way You Write
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By the end of 2019, there are 2 billion monthly active users of Google’s G Suite, including Google Docs. If you’re one of the many people who use the online word processor, here are 10 Google Docs features that’ll change the way you write. 

It’s normal for a business workplace to find ways to work productively and efficiently, even on the very online word processor that it uses. If your business started with Google Docs, you should be aware of its best features (and sometimes, they’re hiding). But we’re here to inform you about the best features of Google Docs and how it’ll change the way you write. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating social media copies, business proposals, or meeting notes. These 10 best features of Google Docs will make you love the online word processor even better. While we’re here, if you’re a nonprofit organization and want to access Google Workspace’s premium products, we’re here to help

The 10 Best Features of Google Docs 

To access the best features of Google Docs, you’ll most likely need to have a Gmail account. If you already have one, it’s time to discover the 10 best features of Google Docs. 

          1. Quickly work on a new doc

Before I learned this trick, I usually click my search engine, input the Google Docs domain, then create a new document. Little did I know that you can just type in docs.new in your browser’s search bar and it automatically creates a blank and clean document. 

Of course, your account needs to be logged in before you can access this feature.

          2. No WiFi? That’s not an excuse 

The offline feature is at your service when there’s no internet access. Simply turn this feature on under the File tab. 

          3. Personalize your dictionary

Did you know that you can customize your Google Docs dictionary? Sometimes, Google Docs flags words that are not in the standard dictionary. It may be specific words that are used in your industry or workplace. You can add these words to the dictionary to lessen the deemed errors. 

          4. Create duplicate content in other languages

Google Doc has a built-in translation tool that lets you create duplicated content in other languages without having to write a single word. You can access this feature under Tools. 

          5. Add your signature 

For documents that need your signature, Google Docs has a built-in drawing tool that gives you the ability to create a similar penmanship effect. It may be challenging to do this without a stylus or touchscreen monitor. 

          6. Control other people’s access 

Google Docs is the best platform to collaborate with other people. It gives you the power to write, edit, share, and even translate to other languages. Sometimes, you’ll have a writer work on a document and another person to proofread and approve. These people require certain access levels and Google Docs made sure to offer this feature. 

You can control other people’s access to the document with these levels of permissions: 

  • Edit - People can see the document, make changes, and add other people. But they can’t delete the file permanently. Only the owner can do this. 
  • Comment - People can see the document and make some comments. But they can’t edit, add other people, or delete the file. 
  • View - People can only see the document without the other features. 

          7. Find your docs easily 

We may be working with hundreds of thousands of documents on a busy day, and it’s not easy to rummage through them. Through clicking the star icon beside the document, it’ll become yellow, which means it’s stored in the Starred folder. In this way, you can easily find your document without the hassle of scrolling through. 

          8. Do a quick search without leaving your doc

Do you feel the need to search something up? You can browse through Google Drive and search engines without leaving your document. It saves time and it gets the work done faster. 

To do a quick search, simply click the Explore button. It also shows image results which you can add to your document. 

          9. Feeling lazy? Type with your voice

Typing continuously using the keyboard can put our wrists and fingers in pain. Fortunately, Google Docs has a way to keep the work going by making you type with your voice. This is also helpful for disabled people. 

Make sure to speak clearly and at a slower pace so Google Docs can grasp it quickly. You may also have to dictate it whenever there’s a comma or period that needs to be in the document. To finish off, you’ll have to verbally say, “Stop listening.” 

          10. Convert MS Word to Google Docs 

Perhaps you have documents in MS Word, but you prefer to work on it in Google Docs. You can convert these documents by right-clicking on the file and then choosing “Open with Google Docs.” Now, you don’t need to copy and paste all elements. 

Get ahead by using Google Workspace 

Google Docs features let you do more than just write on a blank document. If you want to access Google’s other products, we encourage you to try Google Workspace. If you’re a nonprofit organization, you can access Google Workspace’s premium products for free. 

Learn more about Google Workspace for Nonprofits

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