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Dear Visitors and Members,



Welcome to Global Presence Network!


Global Presence Network was founded by my wife Jhael and I (Jack) in 2006.


Global Presence Network is a nonprofit that operates on a membership basis supporting leaders and organizations who empower communities holistically. 


Global Presence Network operates in partnership with Global Presence Enterprise a for-profit marketing company and Global Presence Solutions a for-profit social enterprise helping Americans find and train for authentic work from home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.


Global Presence Network's mission is to educate under-resourced communities with entrepreneurial and technology skills even as we support community leaders and nonprofits with their online marketingmediamonitoring, and management needs.


As a member/donor-driven organization we serve our partners on a pro-bono basis above and beyond the rigid expectations of contractual business relationships.


We are motivated by faith and a love for community leaders and nonprofits who are serving the physical, spiritual, social and financial well-being of underserved residents in our communities.


We offer our members a wide variety of products and services, utilizing the SCRUM methods and AGILE principles

We believe our network partners deserve excellence without breaking the bank.


Contact us today for a free consultation. We truly consider it an honor to serve educational, charitable, health, social and religious non-profits!


Thank you!


Jack Hakimian




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