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About Global Presence Network

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Dear Friends,


Welcome to Global Presence Network!


Global Presence Network serves as the technology and entrepreneurship training and support division of Impact Family Inc. 


Impact Family Inc. is a faith-based human service non-profit organization. Both entities operate on a membership basis to other religious and nonreligious nonprofits and leaders who are empowering humans holistically. 


We operate in partnership with Global Presence Enterprise a for-profit marketing company and Global Presence Solutions a for-profit social enterprise helping Americans find and train for authentic work from home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.


Our organization was founded by my wife Jhael and I (Jack) in 2006.


Specifically Global Presence Network's mission is to educate under resourced members of our communities with entrepreneurial and technology skills even as we support community leaders and nonprofits with their online marketing, media, monitoring and management needs.


As a member/donor driven organization we serve our partners on a pro-bono basis above and beyond the rigid expectations of contractual business relationships.


We are motivated by faith and a love for community leaders and nonprofits who are serving the physical, spiritual, social and financial well-being of underserved residents in our communities.


We offer our members a wide variety of products and services, utilizing the SCRUM methods and AGILE principles

We believe our network partners deserve excellence without breaking the bank.


Contact us today for a free consultation. We truly consider it an honor to serve educational, charitable, health, social and religious non-profits!


Thank you!


Jack Hakimian




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